The Consequences of Blogging About Getting Fired

I’ve had numerous questions and comments on Twitter and my blog about the topic of getting fired. I’ve decided to do a series of mini-posts to answer some of them more fully than Twitter-length.

The first one I’ll address was posted by @physiowizz on Twitter. His comment/s was along the lines of my post being the wrong tone, and the whole shebang hurting my job prospects.

I think one assumption that led to this comment must have been that the post was written hastily and emotionally, which is not true. It was six months from getting fired until I posted the article, and in that time emotions had cooled enough so I could make rational decisions about both the content, direction, and purpose of the post. I also contemplated the consequences of posting it. Certainly the worst case scenario was that my work opportunities were ruined, and I’d find myself something else to do or somewhere else to do it. I accepted this possibility.

I’m passionate about physiotherapy, but I’m often disappointed with the current state of the profession. I’d rather try and change things, even if it involves risks, than blend in with the crowd.

The best-case scenario is pretty much what has happened so far. My post has sparked discussions and the internet reaction has been largely positive and supportive.

PhysioWizz also mentioned that future employers look for professionalism in unfair situations. I think the fairness or unfairness of the situation is irrelevant. My personal situation was hardly the point, but rather highlighting the fact that professional disagreement can get you fired in the current climate of physical therapy. It’s one thing to deny the evidence, and brush it off with weak arguments. However, actually firing someone for discussing a topic is something else.

Finally, numerous people wished me the best in finding new opportunities. Personally, things turned out for the better as I was hired at another clinic a few weeks after getting laid off. I told the management about the blog and being fired, and it did not put them off. If anything, it improved my standing. (And no, I didn’t get fired again).

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